TTS Remote Pump System for Transferring Used Oil

Spec Sheets: TTS Remote Pump System

TTS Remote Pump System Manual

TTS Remote Pump Installation Instructions

Used Oil Recovery System

  • 1” Air Diaphragm Pump System 26 GPM

Compatible with the following products:

  • New/Used engine oil
  • New/Used Hydraulic oil
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure regulator

Additional Product Features:
  • ¼” ball valve for controlling the air supply of the TTS Remote Pump System
  • One(1) Male quick coupling
  • Pump outlet: ball valve
  • Automatic high level alarm sensor (shuts off air supply to pump). NOTE: This level sensor needs a 2” NPT female opening in the tank top.
  • Alarm module with Audible (siren) & Visual alarm (strobe light).
  • Timer for hand-free operation. In case of high or low level situation, the pump will still shut down automatically.
  • Pump Station dash/panel that enables either a table top or wall mounted configuration with-out any additional equipment. Just reattach the pump on the desired pre-drilled location to have it table top or wall mounted.
  • Brushed 36” long aluminum suction tube/wand with wall bracket
  • 12 ft long suction hose for connecting the suction tube or the wall mount funnel to the pump station.
  • Quick connect coupler for connecting either pick-up wand or wall mount funnel.
  • 50 ft of signal wire between the level gauge sensor and the pump station panel.
  • Two (2) - Power supply, low voltage(12V) transformer c/w 10 ft long cords, for the pump station control unit and alarm module.
  • One (1) – 3/8” ball valve to cut the main air supply to the pump station unit.
  • NOTE: The storage tank must be equipped with one (1) x 2” NPT and one (1) x ¾” NPT female fittings for level sensor and pump outlet installation.

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