528 Gallon Standard Duty E2 Finish - 2000 Liters

Spec Sheet:Myers Standard Duty Tanks
Liters: 2000
Gallons: 528

Standard Duty Waste Oil Storage Systems are recommended for areas that do not expose the tank system to potential impacts. Fixed cage or bollard protected sites are ideal for the standard duty classification.

About Waste Oil Storage

Safe storage of used oil has long been a key concern of environmentalists and legislators. Our Myers Waste Oil Storage Tanks were developed to be the industry leader in regards to safe storage of used oil.

These are above-ground contained tank systems engineered to provide long-term, safe and reliable storage of used oil and other environmentally hazardous petroleum products. These systems may also be converted for new product storage and dispensing.

The Myers system includes a complete line of products that provide ideal storage solutions for just about any marine, industrial or military application.

Please also read "It's Time To Come Clean", our thoughts on the environmental dilemna caused by improper disposal of used oil.

About Epoxy Finish

E1 - Interseal 385 two component, high build, self-priming epoxy.

E2 - Interthane two component, high gloss, high performance acrylic polyurethane finish to be applied over E1 finish as indicated by final dry film thickness.

Apply above finishes to all surfaces as indicated below. (dry film thickness)
SPEC NOTE: Prepare all surfaces by blast cleaning to spec. SSPC-SP6-63

ItemThickness E1Thickness E2
System Roof6 mil8 mil
System Shell5 mil7 mil
System Bottom5 mil7 mil
All fixtures6 mil8 mil
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