TTS 300 Gallon Forester / Construction Tank

Spec Sheet: TTS Mobile IBC Porter Series


These heavy-duty steel tanks were not built for normal use. They were designed and engineered for loggers and contractors that need a product that will stand up to the beating that is typical of their industries. Made of 3/16" thick steel, it has ¼" steel doublers on both top and bottom.

The top lifting pipe and the 4" I beam Subframe make it possible to relocate the tank around a construction site with most any type of lifting device grapple, forks, loader, crane or whatever equipment is on the job. Your insurance company will love this product.

Complete with baffles and suction tube, it has an opening for the installation of a pump (electrical or manual).

Typical use:
  • Great for Contractors and construction sites
  • Using its lifting pipe, it can be moved easily around sites
  • Forest Industry
  • many more
Features of the Mobile Forester Tank
  • Tanks designed and constructed to meet CAN/CGSB-43.146-2002 Standard. Permit No. 4-473
  • Flange heads construction and bottom angle for greater rigidity
  • Two(2) baffles inside tank to reduce liquid movement
  • Tank built with A-569, A-1011 or 44W, 3/16" thick steel
  • Includes three 2" N.P.T. connections
  • Comes with lockable fill vent, 1" suction line and bronze gate valve
  • Two(2) lifting lugs included on every tank
  • Top and bottom doubler plates for additional puncture protection
  • Strong sub-frame
  • Bottom skid plate
  • Labeled as per specifications and regulations
About Exterior Finish/Coating:
  • Sand blasted to SSPC-SP6
  • Painted with two(2) coat epoxy primer and two(2) coat epoxy paint
  • CAN/CGSB-43.146-2002
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