TTS 300 Gallon Premium Workbench - 1/8" Single Wall / Double Compartment

Series 2 Model Premium Bench Tank

Single Wall Double Compartment

Workbench Tanks are ideal for shops needing products storage where space saving is important.

About Bench Tank Storage System

These single wall tanks are engineered to provide a space saving solution to shops in need of safe and durable storage of new or used petroleum products of all types, new or used anti-freeze and used cooking oil. These tanks have the ability to serve as a workbench with their 3/16 thick top plate.

Bench Tanks provides ideal storage solutions for just about any indoor marine, industrial or military application.

Series 2 Model Premium Bench Tank features:
  • 300 gallons capacity
  • 3/16" Workbench area of 30" wide x 84" long with 3" lip at rear
  • Tank to measure 31.25" high x 36" wide x 60" long on 6" high legs
  • Two(2) 2" NPT fittings for pump or fill funnel
  • Two(2) 1-1/2" NPT fittings for level gauge
About Exterior Finish/Coating
  • Sand blasted to SSPC-SP6.
  • Two (2) coats of high build, self-priming epoxy.
Primary Containment
  • Workbench Top: 3/16" / 4.88mm
  • Shell: 1/8" / 3.2mm
  • Floor: 1/8" / 3.2mm
  • ULC/ORD C142.18
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